Silver 3m x 1.8m $1100.00
Silver Plus 3m x 1.8m corner $1210.00
Both Silver packages include a 1/8 page advert

Gold 3m x 3m $1836.00
Gold Plus 3m x 3m corner $2020.00
Both Gold packages include a 1/4 page advert

Platinum 6m x 3m $3672.00
Platinum Plus 6m x 3m corner $4039.00
Both Platinum packages include a 1/2 page advert

Adverts will be publishes in the Rotorua Home Show tablid that is inserted into the Rotorua Daily Post on Wednesday 12th July 2017
Artistic & Taste Zone Details & Prices on request

Prices exclude GST.

All inclusive. You will pay a one-off price for all expenses associated with The Rotorua Home Show, including partitions, (stand height is 2.3m) venue hire, power supply, car parking, administration, advertising specific to your business, and all show marketing (guaranteed minimum of $350,000).

The stand investment has been set at an extremely cost effective rate. We guarantee no variation to the above prices will be considered.

The pricing plan offers discounts for bulk support and commitment and hence enjoys appropriate discounts for the space booked.

All advertising must be received and signed off by deadline of Friday June 26, 2017 in order to publish.